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The Big Mouth (1967)


Directed by Jerry Lewis 
Written by Jerry Lewis, Bill Richmond...
Starring: Jerry Lewis, Harold J. Stone and Susan Bay...

"The Big Mouth" Movie on Dvd

Jerry_Lewis is aptly cast as The Big Mouth in this production (he also served as producer, director and cowriter). As bad luck would have it, Lewis is the exact double of a notorious gangster. The bad guys who think they've disposed of the gangster are taken aback when they see Jerry strolling about, while several other disreputable characters chase after Lewis in the mistaken assumption that our hero knows the whereabouts of a cache of stolen diamonds. Charlie_Callas provides some good moments as a hit man who is so unnerved by Jerry's "resurrection" that he turns into a babbling idiot (so what else is new?) There's also a cute bit involving a Kabuki dance troupe.

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